Deborah J. Keith, L.P.

Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy

New York, NY

Common Questions

Who seeks psychotherapy?

Many people seek psychotherapy when they are struggling with the way they feel about themselves, their behaviors, their relationships, or their careers. Often they are experiencing dissatisfaction, disconnection, or a feeling of lack of authenticity.


What are the goals of psychotherapy?

Ultimately, the goals of psychotherapy are different for each individual or couple and are determined and agreed upon during the course of the treatment.


Often, people seek therapy to:


• Reduce emotional and psychic pain by uncovering how we learned our patterns of thinking and responding and how we can change them

• Develop a compassionate, respectful, safe and accepting relationship with ourselves and ultimately with others.

• Understand what is needed to make our lives more productive and fulfilling


How do we get started?

The relationship that develops between client and therapist is a critical factor in the healing and growth that take place in therapy, so it is important that you feel comfortable talking with me. When you call to set up an appointment, we can spend a few minutes in conversation so that you can tell me a little about yourself and what has made you consider seeking therapy. You can also ask me any questions that you may have about the way that I work. This may help you gain a sense of how we would interact.


What happens during a psychotherapy session?

In a psychotherapy session we would sit together and have a respectful conversation in which you would tell me about yourself, your history, and the things you hope to achieve or resolve. In the beginning, I might ask some basic questions about your career, family, relationships, etc. and go over practical matters such as scheduling and payment.


Do you ever conduct sessions by telephone or online?

I have included telephone sessions in my practice for several years and am also available to meet with you via Skype using

video/web cam capability.


Are our sessions confidential?

Your identity as my client, as well as the content of our sessions, is completely confidential in accordance with New York State licensing guidelines.



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